Software features

Estimating for Contractors offers a comprehensive estimating, takeoff and purchasing solution for small businesses in construction. Discover its features below.

Access from anywhere

Estimating for Contractors is in the cloud, meaning you can access from the browser of your internet connected device, whether it’s an iPad, mobile phone, or Windows or Apple computer.

This means you can make changes while you’re on site, so you don’t lose money on uncharged extras other material or labour items


Make team work easier

All the members of your team can see and edit your estimates, quotes or bids. This makes working collaboratively easier.

From the finance team to those on site, make sure that everyone has access to the information they need.


No hidden extra costs

As a small business ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be for hidden extra costs to crop up. So instead of charging an annual upgrade or maintenance fee, everything is included in your monthly fee.

This means you get all the upgrades and support you need.

Find out more about our different packages.


Safe, secure and built for the future

We’ve built Estimating for Contractors using industry-leading infrastructure and tools. This means you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. What’s more, we’ve used scaleable technology so the system is future-proofed.

You data is safely stored in the cloud. This means there’s no need to worry about viruses or malware, or backing up your data. Our automated backups take care of this for you. If you want to though, you can still download manual backups of your jobs in an excel format.

Shortly we will be introducing full automated email backups, should you require them.


Live updates of material prices

Our pre-populated material library of over 60,000 common materials and their prices is updated live. This means that you can be sure of accuracy when you’re preparing your estimate or bid for a client.

You can filter the material library by type, such as electrical, plumbing, or building, or search by product name. Check the item is what you want by clicking on it to bring up an image. Once you’ve selected your materials, the prices are automatically entered into the estimate or bid you’re working on. You can choose to override these prices if you like though.

Find out more about materials and purchase orders for your suppliers

Timeline: add extra info to a job

The timeline is a flexible feature in the software that allows you to store any information against a job. This could include plans or specifications, photos, signed paperwork, payments made or any other documents or notes. Some use it for storing payments made, or notes on conversations about payments.

You can also upload photos from your phone, directly to the system. This can help with keeping track of and pricing for extra costs that might come up.

Read our blog post about the timeline feature

Increase your profits

Estimating for Contractors allows you to get a greater overview of your business and maximise your profit. By analysing your bids, you can find out where you are making or losing money, and edit your templates accordingly.

Find out about all of our management tools


Flexible job costing

Estimating for Contractors has been designed for maximum ease of use. This means you can enter prices for whatever you might need, choosing between expense type: material, plant (heavy machinery), or labor.

Discover how easy the system is to use with our step-by-step


Save time with your own templates

Use one of our templates as a base, and then tweak it to suit your needs. Once it’s all set up, it can save you a whole lot of time and hassle. The next time you’re asked to bid for a similar job, simply drop in the template you created earlier, and send out the quote.

Discover our estimates and bids templates

The nuts and bolts – the technical details

We use the biggest names in cloud computing. We host our software on servers on Amazon’s award-winning cloud platform, trusted by some of the biggest companies on the planet. This cost-effective system ensures your data is safe and secure. Estimating for Contractors also uses automated backups, database snapshots and automatic host replacement protection, to ensure you never lose your data.

We base our programming standards on the W3C Internet standard, meaning our estimating software is compatible with as many systems and devices as possible. We write the software for use in Google Chrome but it should work in all other browsers and mobile browsers.

7 day money back guarantee

With no minimum contracts, you have nothing to lose, only time and money to save.