The timeline is one of the many great features of Estimating for Contractors, but it’s often overlooked. We thought we’d write a quick blog to help everybody get up to speed with flexibility of the feature.


You can create a timeline entry against any job that you have created. This could include photos (from your PC or phone camera), plans or CAD drawings, contracts or scanned signed paperwork. All of this is then stored against the job. This allows you to retrieve any of these documents on any of your devices as long as you have an internet connection

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Not only can you store documents, but you can also create notes against the job. When you create the timeline entry it date stamps automatically, so you are able to create an entry and see the date you created them. For example, you could add some notes about a call to chase some money that might be outstanding from a customer. Simply assign a category such as payments to enable you to pull up a full list of all your contact points by payment details. You can also add the amount paid when you receive money to ensure you stay on top of your billing.


You can tag any entry with a category, this enables you to filter timeline events to give you the info you need easily and quickly. This might include progress photos, photos of extras that you added along the way (and remember to charge for them!). You can also add finished photos against each job, which you could show potential customers right from your phone.

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