Estimates, bids, and invoices

Create and send out professional estimates and bids (or quotes) and invoices


Get through your paperwork faster.

With our estimate templates and cover pages, you can produce your own professional looking estimates in no time at all.

Customize your estimate or cover letter by adding your logo, or those of trade associations, or using your own wording.

Meanwhile, our calculators ensure that your price your jobs accurately, and our takeoff feature allows you to price based on PDF plans.

Email these documents out to your customer from the system.

Or use the interactive function, allowing your customer to view and comment on the estimate online.


Bid or quote – what are they?

There is quite a lot of confusion about these terms so we thought it would be helpful to clarify.

At Estimating for Contractors, within the software, the term ‘quote’ is used to refer to a document which lists the proposed price of a particular piece of work. It may include details about the breakdown of the overall cost, and a proposed timeframe for the completion of the job. Normally, once a quote has been accepted by a client, the document is binding.

However, we know that some people use the term ‘bid’ to refer to this document, and so we have use the terms interchangeably on our website.

Bids or quotes

Get your bid accepted faster. Produce professional bids or quotes easily and quickly with Estimating for Contractors.


Start off with our professional looking templates to create your quote or bid, and an accompanying cover letter. These can be emailed to your customer directly from the system, or downloaded as a word document or pdf to send across later. Or you can use the interactive quote system – read on to find out more.


Add your company logo, and those of trade associations you belong to. Show itemized and detailed descriptions, subtotals, or just total costs. The choice is yours.

Create a cover letter to accompany your bid, using our default example, and customizing as you need.

Interactive quote system

Send a live interactive quote to your customer. They’ll receive a link to a webpage where they can see the quote, ask questions and electronically accept the quote. Next, you’ll receive an email notification.



Produce invoices quickly and effortlessly as part of the Ultimate package.

Simply press ‘create invoice’ and choose the items you want to invoice for from the job. You can also create multiple invoices for a job if you need. Speed up payments by adding default payment terms and your bank account details.

7 day money back guarantee

With no minimum contracts, you have nothing to lose, only time and money to save.