Management tools

Calendars, scheduling, teamwork and more insight - discover how Estimating for Contractors can benefit your business

Increase your profits

Gain a clearer overview of your business and increase your margins and profits.

Using Estimating for Contractors allows you to analyze your bids, finding out where you might be making or losing money.

You can then use this information to adjust your pricing or templates or working practices accordingly.

What’s more, after a bid has been accepted by your client, you can use the details from the bid or estimate to quickly and easily request better prices from your preferred suppliers.

This can also help increase your margins.

Enhance teamwork

Depending on your membership category, different members of your team can access all the information they need about a job, when they need it.

This means your staff on the ground can add notes or amend jobs, while the office team can access this information, and prepare invoices with the full details.

Scheduling and calendar tools are another way to save your business time and money. By keeping track of when jobs are due to run, and when staff are available, and adjusting as needed, you can keep on top of all of your projects.



Timeline feature

Add notes and documents to a job. 

This might include details about when payment is expected, CAD drawings, or a photo of the completed work.

Categories can also be used so you can easily sort through and find what you’re looking for.

See our blog post about how to make the most of timeline features

Show your professionalism

With our fully customizable templates for estimates, bids, and invoices, including cover letters, you can be sure to demonstrate your company’s professionalism.

The interactive estimate or bid (quote) feature is an excellent tool which makes it easier for your clients to approve or comment directly online.

Find out more about estimates, bids, and invoices.

7 day money back guarantee

With no minimum contracts, you have nothing to lose, only time and money to save.