Materials and purchase orders

Add your suppliers, compare prices, and create purchase orders

You’ve won the bid for the job – great!

Next step – let’s increase your margins.

You’ve already got a guide on materials pricing for your estimating and bidding or quoting, thanks to our live updates of materials pricing from suppliers.

But once the job is given the green light, you’ll want to see if you can get a better price from your preferred supplier. 

Request material prices from your suppliers

Add your suppliers into the system. Then send them a list of all the materials you need for the job.

Suppliers are sent a link to a webpage with all of your required materials, including the amount or number you need. From here, they can easily complete the form with their prices, or even suggest alternatives.

Compare suppliers’ prices

Once they’ve completed the form, you’ll see the prices quoted by all of your selected suppliers, and compare them to choose the best option.

You can then copy these prices into your materials database or use them for the job you are costing.

Purchase orders for your materials

Simply select all the items you want to order from each supplier.

From this you can create purchase orders, which can be emailed to suppliers or printed out and taken with you.

7 day money back guarantee

With no minimum contracts, you have nothing to lose, only time and money to save.